All toys, costumes, games and puzzles need to be handled with care to ensure they remain in good condition and can be used by other toy library members.

Members are responsible for choosing toys suitable for their children and supervising play.


The toy loan period for all items is two weeks, with the exception of large toys borrowed during the summer break.

Choosing your Toys

Choose toys which are appropriate for the age of your child. Our toys are clearly labelled if they contain small parts which may pose a choking risk to young children.

Checking your Toys

It is the member’s responsibility to check that any item is complete, undamaged and as described on the label when borrowing. If anything is damaged, missing or not as described on the label, please alert a duty person to review the item.


Toys must be washed thoroughly before returning them to the toy library. Members attempting to return unclean toys will be refused until the toy is cleaned and late fines may apply. Costumes must be laundered or wiped clean as appropriate. It is the responsibility of members to return toys on time and in good condition. This will ensure the toy library can run efficiently and ensure the safety of the toys for loan.

Members are expressly forbidden from exchanging toys amongst themselves. All toys must be returned to the toy library and borrowed through the normal process.
When returning toys, please ensure you have done the following:

1. Cleaned and dried the items.

2. Counted and checked all the pieces are there.

3. Packed the item into the bag or box provided.


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