Duty and other requirements


The library is a volunteer association, therefore members are required to contribute to the operation of the toy library by attending duty;- assisting a committee member to loan and return toys or assist with stocktaking.

Members agree that their name and phone number will be published on the duty roster with all other members to allow members to arrange duty swaps. The roster is located on the toy library notice board.

Missing Pieces

If a piece of an item is missing when the item is returned, the member must pay a bond of $2.00 for each missing piece. Any bond paid is refundable upon the return of the missing piece. If a missing piece is integral to an item and has not been returned by the 2nd Saturday in December of the year the item was returned without the piece, the member may be required to pay for a replacement item of comparable value.

Missing Duty Attendance

Members may be charged a fine of $20.00 on each occasion a member does not complete duty attendance as rostered and the member has not swapped duties with another member.

Unpaid Fines

All fines are payable when incurred. If a member fails to pay fines within a reasonable period, loan entitlements may be suspended, until all incurred fees are paid. Applications for membership renewal may be refused until all incurred fees are paid.


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